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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sudan plated lizard babies

this end of summer, i got a miracle gift.

my sudan plated lizard (Gerrhosaurus major major) pair gave 4 eggs, then first clutch eggs hatched out Oct. 3rd and 4th.

beautiful babies

they eat banana, apple, mulberry, lizard food, argentine forest roach with cul and vitamin powder , same as grown-up

about me

about me:

japanese, grow up in Hiroshima. now we sometime move coz of my hus' job relocation.

love; my husband, my 3 boys, nature, animals, plants, reading, romance books, fruit, etc.

dislike; sweeten coffee, smoking, personal relations in japanese style, moving,

my babeis;

4 japanese tree flogs (Hyla japonica)

4 adult japanese pond turtles (Mauremys japonica)

18 baby japanese pond turtles

japanese grass lizard (Takydromus tachydromoides)

japanese five-lined skink (Plestiodon japonicus)

2 adult sudan plated lizards (Gerrhosaurus major major)

2 baby sudan plated lizards

2 egg sudan plated lizards